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Infrastructure Specialized Work
construction companies gauteng Concrete structures
engineering contractors gauteng Bridges
engineering contractors pretoria Reservoirs
civil contractors gauteng Roads
engineering contractors pretoria Storm-water and sewerage works
construction companies Turnkey Projects: design and construct projects
construction companies johannesburg Bulk and restricted earthworks
construction companies johannesburg Mining earthworks
construction companies south africa Jacking of bridge structures
construction companies pretoria Demolition of bridges and other high risk structures
Rigging and Slinging Construction Logistics
engineering companies gauteng Transport and erection of precast beams and members using certified rigger, slings and equipment.
engineering companies pretoria Specializing in abnormal loads.

Pre-cast Products

We take pride in being one of the leading Construction Companies Gauteng based. Initially we started to serve the internal needs of the company, the increased demand for pretensioned precast beams in projects around the country resulted the expansion of our precast capacity to serve the needs of the market. Today we are considered the leaders in pretensioned precast beams due to our reputation of service, technical excellence, efficiency and unsurpassed quality.

Advantages of Pre-cast
1. Lowest whole life cost: As contractors can spend less on forms, cranes, skilled labour and scaffolding.
2. Simple solutions: A single contractor working only with one familiar material has the potential to schedule the erection of an entire bridge.
3. Efficiency: Pre-cast elements are made in a factory under controlled conditions in advanced of a need and are stockpiled for just in time delivery.
4. Factory quality and tolerances
5. Low maintenance costs
6. Strong and durable concrete: Fully cured precast member can be delivered to site. These elements contain little potential for additional shrinkage or creep.
7. Fast efficient all weather construction
8. Slender and aesthetic bridges
9. Excellent riding characteristics and low noise transmission
10. Minimal traffic disruption
11. Excellent fire performance
Advantages for Clients Advantages for The Contractor
civil engineering companies johannesburg Reduced cost of handling traffic
civil engineering companies gauteng Reduced accident exposure
civil engineering companies pretoria Reduced inconvenience for the public
civil engineering company gauteng Fewer motorist complaints
civil engineering company johannesburg Reduced exposure of personnel to traffic hazards
civil engineering company pretoria Greater Rand value of work accomplished in shorter period
building companies gauteng Fewer weather delays
building companies pretoria Less dependence on delivery of ready mix concrete


Beams Parapets
civil engineering companies pretoria “I, M, T, U, U SPECIAL and Y beams”
civil engineering companies gauteng Box beams
civil engineering companies south africa Bespoke beams
civil engineering companies johannesburg F type New Jersey parapets up to 3m in length
Safety / Crash Barriers Precast Planks
civil engineering contractors SANRAL specification median and new jersey barriers
civil engineering contractors gauteng Built to client specification
Bespoke Solutions / Special Projects
civil engineering contractors pretoria Made to client requirements

Quality Control Measures

Civilcon Pre-cast has stringent quality control procedures in place to make sure that all our products exceed what is required of them.

These include:
civil engineering contractors johannesburg All concrete meets “W” concrete specification requirements
civil contractors pretoria An onsite concrete lab
civil contractors A barrage of checks and double checks
civil contractors johannesburg A finishing and staging area for further refinement

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